40 Restaurant Coaster Pager / Guest Wireless Paging Queuing System

40 Restaurant Coaster Pager / Guest Wireless Paging Queuing System

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  • Expandable up to 99 pagers
  • Transmitter Range: 1/2 Mile / 800 meters
  • Vibration, flash, beep, and glow alert
  • Give your customer a pager! This will eliminate walkaways and increase revenues right away!
  • Minimize crowds in waiting areas! Increase productivity! Reduce labor costs!


Restaurant Coaster Pager System with multiple Pagers, 1 Transmitter and Charging Dock.  It's simple to use!  When customers arrive, give them a pager with an ID that will enter into the pager queuing automatically.  After getting the pager, customers are free to take a seat or roam nearby.  When staff inputs the pager ID into the transmitter, the pager alerts in sound, light and vibration to call the customers back to their meal or queue when it is ready. Guest pagers make great first impressions, by giving guests confidence that they will not get lost in the crowd during rush hours.  They are the simplest and most cost effective method to be sure guests are called in a timely manner.  The PA noise from repeatedly calling guests is eliminated, and the dining experience is improved.  Instead of numerous hosts trying to locate waiting parties, guests are instantly alerted and then return with flashing pagers, so you know exactly who has been paged.  With guest paging, patrons feel committed to staying at your restaurant, so there are fewer walk-aways.  Table turns are increased, as seating time is reduced, and your revenue is improved. 

  • You can always add more pagers to the system as your business grows!
  • We will program the pagers for you.  You can just Plug & Play! 
  • Give your customer a pager!  This will eliminate walk-aways and increase revenues right away! 

Beneficial for all-purpose service restaurants.  Guest pager systems are also great all-purpose local area pagers.  These systems are also commonly used in healthcare, childcare, customer traffic control, and countless other situations where there is a need to make waiting more manageable for staff and more comfortable for guests: 
  • Patient paging in hospitals and clinics. 
  • Parent paging in church day care centers. 
  • Guest paging at day spas. 
  • Customer paging at auto repair centers. 
  • Guest paging at golf courses and clubs. 
  • Staff paging at factories and offices. 
  • Student registration traffic control. 
Pager will flash with viberation or beep or both alarms to remind your customer back

Pager number will flash to remind your customer once called

Pager can be programmed to switch the display between pager number and current time.

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