Compact Biometric Fingerprint Safe Cabinet Box, for Gun Vault Jewelry Valuables Storage, Security Box for Home Office

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  • Quick Access Safe with the convenience of Biometric lock, designed for the quickest access possible!
  • Opens with the touch of a finger; State of the art biometric lock can store 30 different finger prints
  • Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts for mounting to the floor, wall or cabinet
  • Solid steel pry resistant plate steel doors
  • Stores important documents, passport, valuables, jewelry, and many more
Brand New Biometric Fingerprint & Combination Lock Safe Box

This safe can be opened by Fingerprint Reader or Backup keys

This Biometric safe box provides you with sleek, safe & convenient storage for handguns, jewelry, coins, stamps and personal documents. Your valuables can be quickly accessed via the biometric finger scanner. The battery life is over 1000+ swipes on four AA batteries (not included)

This Biometric safe box's all-steel construction provides a nearly impenetrable barrier for your valuables. Pre-drilled holes for mounting to floor or shelf to prevent theft.

USES FOR THESE BIOMETRIC SAFES: Secure important documents, passport, jewelry, medication, electronics, money, firearms, ammunition, cell phone, family pictures & heirlooms etc.. You name it, if it fits, it can be secured in this great Biometric fingerprint safe.

External Dimensions: 8" H x 17" W x 15" D